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Elephant Ivory Affidavits of Origin or Documentation

Elephant Ivory Affidavits of Origin or Documentation
Elephant Ivory Affidavits of Origin or Documentation
The Real Truth About Elephant Ivory

Do you need an 'affidavit of origin' or documentation? The answer can be summed up in one word - NO! All you need is your invoice; period. That is all the documentation anyone needs for their proof of purchase and from whom. We are well known and respected for our legal ivory purchases.

As many of you know, we are without question, the largest buyer and seller of pre-ban ivory. Others try to imitate us and make boastful claims but the truth is, we buy the most and we sell the most. We manufacture guitar parts and more including parts for pool cues, knives, furniture, guns, musical instruments, bag pipes and for a host of other artisans all over the USA.

A dealer in ivory products recently wrote a long diatribe of self serving means because, desperate people do desperate things. He’s using fear mongering tactics to muster up business. We’ll put this into perspective using very simple terms and show you what a knucklehead the other dealer truly is.

As artisans we all know the law about pre-ban elephant ivory. Bottom-line – if you make products or for that matter anything using our legal pre-ban elephant ivory, you cannot ship it out of the USA; period. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. And to protect yourself, keep records of the purchaser of every item you sell. In the unlikely event your item containing ivory makes its way out of the USA, you can document that you did indeed sell it in the USA and subsequent owners shipped it illegally. Simple enough, right. There is no need to complicate this.

Many of you have read our “Kenya Ivory Myth”. Well, the museum joker is doing it again but this time with a worthless document which he calls an ‘Affidavit of Origin' or documentation. This is a worthless endeavor and proves nothing more than the original bill of sale. We maintain impeccable records of the provenance of each and every pre-ban tusk we purchase. That’s all anyone buying ivory from us needs to know. Now, we’ll show you why his ‘Affidavit of Origin’ or documentation is so ridiculous.

Let’s say you get an affidavit for an item which we’ll call A thru E. You make that item 'A' for Charlie. Items 'B' & 'C' go to Jim. You have one item remaining. That is item 'E' remaining but you need more so you order them and get items 'F' thru 'J'. So, you add item’s 'E' & 'F' to Mike’s portfolio and you have two Affidavit of Origin for Mike's items. Three years later, Mike comes back and needs a new part. Hmmm… which item are you replacing and from which batch? Do you know? Could you know? Why should you know? How about if Mike comes back to you but he broke the first item and another artisan made the item. What do you do there? Does the item now require 3 Affidavits of Origin? C’mon! Suppose you have items from one affidavit, items from another affidavit and an item from another affidavit? Suppose you run out of items and buy more? Let’s add to this insanity and suppose you build a product that has inlays from another purchase with a different affidavit! The potential product has 4 or perhaps 5 affidavits! When does the insanity and stupidity of these “affidavits” stop!?

Further insanity and horse manure states that he developed documentation “in cooperation” with FWS. I’d like to see the “documentation” authorizing or approving his system that FWS cooperated on. Who at FWS cooperated with him? FWS does not make policy, they enforce policy so it's highly doubtful that he worked with FWS to produce something that is not required. Was there really anyone at FWS or is all of this a figment of his imagination? This is all nonsense and nothing more that fear mongering and showing his self importance but we all know he is a pompous (fill in the blank).

And, now for his best statement proving with his own words how truly ludicrous his "Affidavit of Origin" really is. He specifically states that he does not supply his affidavit ("unless requested") because it is “not required by law”. So, basically he’s supplying toilet paper to boast his credentials for his own enlightened self interest. Nuff said!

All our ivory is well documented otherwise we don’t buy it and we’ve passed on many tusks which do not meet our qualifications. We’ve worked closely with Fish and Wildlife (FWS), U.S. Customs (Homeland Security) and local authorities with regard to investigations. And yes, just like our friend, we’ve supplied information that lead to an arrest and conviction. And yes, just like our friend we have also been investigated and are still here to tell the tale.

If ever anyone is questioned, we cannot stress it enough to be honest and forthright with your answers. They already know the answers when they ask the questions. The government agents are hard working people who do a noble and difficult job. They don’t need anyone making it more difficult.

If you purchase ivory from us and in the highly unlikely event be questioned as to the authenticity or legality of your purchase, whether at your business or trade show, all you need to do is refer them to us. We have all the documentation that anyone needs to see to support your purchase. And remember, your invoice is all the proof you need for what you purchase. Keep records of your purchases and sales and all will be fine. It's very simple and something that you would do in the normal course of running any business; nothing more and nothing less.

In conclusion, we’ve enjoyed working with many of you in the creation of wonderful items, many of which are in prized collections. We thank you and look forward to many years of service. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.

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