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Elephant Ivory Tusk Sections and Prices

Elephant Ivory Tusk Sections and Prices

Occasionally we have pre ban Elephant Ivory tusk sections available for sale by weight. As everyone knows, there has recently been a shortage of quality elephant ivory tusk sections on the market. Few resellers have any available if any at all. Some resellers have simply ceased selling by volume. The current pricing reflects this.

From time-to-time, we have sections available from 3" up to whopping 6"+ diameters in both solid and hollow sections. These are available to known and established clients. Pricing is available on request to appropriate buyers. Simply call or email us with your requirements (eg. diameter, hollow, solid, length and/or weight, etc).

If you require an ivory tusk section and are a current client or a well established end user, feel free to contact us. All others need not apply as we service and supply our friends and clients and not one time buyers looking for bargains or supplies. Thank you.

Complete Elephant Tusks and Tusk sections are never kept on premises.